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6 Months Free SUTA (State Unemployment Tax)
Payroll it’s what we do best… So you can do what you do best… Run your business!

For a limited time only, new clients will receive their first 6 months of SUTA (State Unemployment Tax), FREE!

Save on your bottom line!

Our Service is unmatched

  • Timely
    Payroll setup is completed within 2-5 days based on your number of employees.
  • Accurate
    Enjoy 99% payroll tax resolutions within 30 days of notice.
  • Effortless
    Receive a welcome call within 24 hours of sign up. Support requests receive a 2-hour response.

Payroll in your Pajamas

  •  Save time
    In less than 5 mins you can run your payroll.
  • Run payroll anywhere
    Access to internet and a laptop, in less than 3 clicks later you can run payroll!
  • Affordability
    So much cheaper than our competitors!


Dedicated payroll specialists ensure correct
processing on time, every time. You’ll enjoy
peace of mind, knowing that our team is
on the job


The PEO (Professional Employer Organization)
assumes all Payroll Tax Liability &
shields you from Workers’ Comp Audits


Allow our professional staff to fight Workers’ Comp Claims on your behalf. Keep your rates low (where they should be), and get the applicable discounts that you deserve


Our Certified, Licensed HR Staff will assist
you in order to protect your assets
in the event of Sexual Harassment or
Gender Bias claims


Your livelihood depends on your assets
being properly protected; We can
help keep your interests safe


Competitively-priced EPLI coverage protects business owners from suits filed by current, past, or even prospective employees – whether the suit is just or unjust.

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Includes PEO White Papers:

  • What is a PEO?
  • Options for Handling Your HR Function

  • Why They Chose Integrated HR Outsourcing

  • Due Diligence for Teaming with a PEO

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