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Employer Solutions: Payroll/PEO Outsourcing Consultants

Employer Solutions started in 1998, in Bradenton, Florida. Glenn Glasser, the founder and President of Employer Solutions, has been involved in the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry (formerly known as Employee Leasing), since 1995.  Mr. Glasser began his employment with the first licensed (PEO) in the nation, Employee Services.  He also helped several ground floor start-up PEOs pave their way in the PEO industry with the assistance of his successful sales and marketing experience.  It has been his belief that there was a need for an employee leasing company that puts its focus on meeting the needs of its clients and leased employees first.   This is a diverse group, comprised of companies ranging from the small business to the larger corporations.

Unfortunately, most PEOs want only the medium-sized or larger businesses.  However, the biggest sector of businesses employ 10 or fewer people, which make up most of the small to medium-sized companies.  These smaller companies have been falling through the cracks of the PEO industry for several years because most PEOs only want to fatten their bottom line for shareholders and publicly traded PEOs.

PEOs were founded in the 1980’s for the purpose of helping businesses cope with Workers’ Compensation, Payroll, Tax Filings, Governmental Compliance, Human Resources, and much more.  They grew like wildfire and many benefited, including the PEOs themselves.  There were numerous mistakes and inequalities as with any new industry until legislation was enacted in 1988.  Lawmakers were behind the curve and they took time to catch up with regulating a new industry that they knew little about.  Lawyers had a field day that put a lot of PEOs out of business.  The ripple effect was felt by small businesses as well and created mistrust among the working public and the large insurance companies who must ultimately assume these gigantic risks.

Modern PEOs have since been the workhorse in putting insurance companies and the PEOs together in a solid working relationship.  With new legislation and a new awareness of the lawmakers, the industry is on solid footing and growing at an astounding rate of approximately 30% per year.  Consumer confidence is now catching up, and only the well informed will survive.

Amidst all of this, Employer Solutions was founded as a PEO business consulting firm for a select number of national PEOs so that we may serve a mountain of businesses (because some PEOs don’t want to write very small, high risk companies). We also serve larger companies who need more than just Workers’ Compensation and Payroll Services.  This enables Employer Solutions to give our perspective clients a unique opportunity and a relationship not available from most PEO agents.  Our purpose in this business is to work for you, the business owner, so that you have more time to focus on generating revenue and enjoying life.

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“When companies compete for your business, you win!”
Glenn Glasser
Founder & CEO