Frequently Asked Questions about Payroll / PEO Services

Who is Employer Solutions, and how can I benefit from your services?

Employer Solutions is an Independent Payroll Consulting Firm that has served thousands of businesses since 1998. These clients range from small “Mom & Pop” family businesses to very large corporations with hundreds of employees in various departments.

Since our inception, Employer Solutions has built relationships with several Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), which enables us to offer incredible savings to our clients. These savings are built upon the connections we have made over the years, and provide our customers with multiple ways to lower their labor costs, therefore improving their bottom line.

Employer Solutions can help in a multitude of ways, depending on the needs of your business. We pride ourselves in being able to create tailor-made service plans to fit any industry, from Blue Collar industry to White Collar establishments.

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What is the difference between ASO (Payroll) & PEO (Employee Leasing)?

Employer Solutions offers Payroll (ASO) Services, as well as Employee Leasing (PEO) Services. Here’s a breakdown of the main differences between the two:

Our ASO Services include Payroll Administration, Payroll Tax Filings, and year-end processing, all of which are filed under your company’s FEIN (Federal Employer ID Number). Our ASO will assist you with any legal questions that may arise, as well as Human Resources matters. However, the responsibilty for regulatory compliance, insurance coverage, and safety management will remain with your company.

With PEO Services, you receive more comprehensive protection and coverage. The PEO becomes the employer of record, meaning that although you retain control of your employees, these employees are technically employed under the Federal Employer ID Number of the PEO. The PEO also assumes all legal responsibility for Workers’ Comp claims, Human Resources matters, Tax Audits, Regulatory Compliance, and Health Insurance. Essentially, the PEO allows business owners to relieve themselves of all the time-consuming employee-related paperwork, while still retaining the ability to hire and fire personnel. You retain full control of all operations, with reduced liability and risk.

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How does the PEO work in relation to my business?

Upon reaching an agreement with one of our accredited PEO partners, you will enter into a co-employment situation between your business and the PEO. This will allow you to relieve the burden of the tedious, non-productive paperwork that hampers the earning capabilities of millions of business owners worldwide.

Upon reaching an agreement with one of our accredited PEO partners, you will enter into a co-employment situation between your business and the PEO. This will allow you to relieve the burden of the tedious, non-productive paperwork that hampers the earning capabilities of millions of business owners worldwide.

Essentially, you will be free to concentrate on making money and growing your business, all while gaining valuable piece of mind. You can rest assured, knowing that the professionals are looking out for your interests, and keeping the Government out of your way. After all, nobody slows the progress of commerce like Uncle Sam.

For a comprehensive list of the many advantages of using a PEO, click here.

Do I still have control of my employees with a PEO?

Absolutely. When using a PEO, you as the business owner have full control over all personnel matters, but you have the added benefit of being able to rely on the PEO for advice when it comes to Unemployment, Human Resources, and Workers’ Comp claims.

For example, if you as the business owner decide to terminate the employment of an employee, you can consult with the PEO’s Licensed HR staff to ensure that you won’t get tangled in legal matters. Likewise, when facing a Workers’ Comp claim, the PEO will fight the claim on your behalf, so that only legitimate claims are honored and paid, and your rates stay as low as they should.

The same rule applies to Unemployment claims. The PEO will ensure that only Unemployment claims with merit are paid, which will keep your SUTA (State Unemployment Tax) Rate as low as possible.

I already have an Accountant or Payroll Service, what’s the difference?

Although you may already have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) that handles your Payroll, utilizing the services of an ASO or PEO will have several advantages. With an ASO, your business will have more expertise to rely on when it comes to Governmental Compliance and Regulatory matters, but the employees will still be filed under your Federal Employer ID Number.

With PEO services, your employees will be filed under the PEO’s FEIN, and all Payroll Tax Liability will be the responsibility of the PEO. The same goes for Workers’ Comp Audits, which fall on the shoulders of the PEO. Your business will never face another Audit as long as you utilize PEO services.

For a comprehensive outline of the differing responsibilities you’ll face, click here.

Why would I pay a company for Payroll Administration when I could do it myself?

Although you may be handling your Payroll in-house, that doesn’t mean it isn’t costing you anything. According to The Department of Health & Human Services, the average business manager spends 23% of their time on employee-related administrative paperwork. That equates to about 9.2 Hours wasted on something that doesn’t generate any profit for your business. Even at the Minimum Wage, that’s almost $75 worth of time wasted, and most managers make more than Minimum Wage.

On top of the time you waste on administrative work instead of making money, your business is 100% liable for any mistakes that you or your CPA make when filing Payroll taxes. It is not uncommon to be hit with thousand dollar fines for late or missed payments to the IRS, because your employees are still registered under the name of your company.

Let the PEO handle the non-productive paperwork, and shoulder the responsibilty for keeping the State and Federal Governments at bay. Rely on the professionals, and allow yourself to focus on growing your business and making money for your family.

I haven’t had a Workers’ Comp claim in years, so how could the PEO help me?

If you haven’t had a Workers’ Comp claim in some time, then your business stands to save a great deal of money by taking advantage of the PEO’s Master Policy. Our clients typically recieve discounts of anywhere from 10-30% off of the State Rates, which equates to money being put back into your business.

On the other hand, if your company does have a few Workers’ Comp claims in the past, switching to a PEO will help you get your rates back down to a reasonable level. Beyond that, the PEO will work on your behalf to make sure that current or former employees won’t be able to milk your insurance policy for claims that are unjust or exaggerated.

What happens if the PEO makes a mistake with my taxes?

Employer Solutions only works with the best and most trusted PEO’s in the industry. Mistakes are few and far between. However, since we are all only human, mistakes can happen.

But here’s the good news: As part of your agreement with the PEO, your business is indemnified in cases of mistakes made when filing taxes. In other words, any mistake that would be made is the responsibility of the PEO. The PEO will pay any resulting penalty or fine, and your business can not be held responsible.

I only have one or two employees. Isn’t my company too small for Employer Solutions?

Absolutely not. Employer Solutions works with businesses with only one employee, as well as businesses that employ hundreds. The size of the company doesn’t matter. What matters is our ability to help make your life easier, so that you may have time to make more money and enjoy more time doing the things that you love.