Payroll/Administrative Service Outsourcing (ASO)

Managing your company’s payroll is a time-consuming process that can pose a significant challenge. Put our Administrative Service Outsourcing (ASO) expertise to work and outsource your payroll administration.
Our dedicated payroll specialists ensure correct processing on time, every time. You’ll enjoy piece of mind, knowing that our team is on the job.

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PEO / Employee Leasing

The PEO (Professional Employer Organization) assumes the risks you face by
becoming the Employer of Record.
You as the business owner retain full control of your personnel, while our PEO bears the responsibilty of all Payroll Tax Liability & shields you from Workers’ Comp Audits.

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Workers Compensation

Allow our professional staff to fight Workers’ Compensation Claims on your behalf. Keep your rates low (where they should be), and get the applicable discounts that you deserve.
Our Master Policy typically allows discounts of 10-30% off of the State Rates, which can translate to thousands of dollars of savings for your business.

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Human Resources Support

Our Certified, Licensed HR Staff will assist you in order to protect your assets in the event of Sexual Harassment or Gender Bias claims. Don’t put your assets in jeopardy by making uninformed personnel decisions.
Our HR Support will give you the confidence to make the best possible choices based on the advice of professionals.

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Risk Management

The health and safety of employees can be an overwhelming burden for business owners. Your livelihood depends on your assets being properly protected;
We can help keep your interests safe. Rely on PEO Services to make sure that your employees stay safe, and know how to avoid workplace injury.

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Being a business owner in today’s society is a vulnerable position. You can be sued for events that are out of your control, but Employer Solutions can help! Competitively-priced EPLI coverage protects business owners from suits filed by current, past, or even prospective employees – whether the suit is just or unjust.

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