Employer Solutions is here to help with your Workers’ Compensation in a variety of ways. With our Payroll/ASO program, we can help you obtain an outside policy, and ensure that your employees are covered in times of need. However, business owners that opt to utilize our PEO program enjoy the most important benefits.

 By joining forces with the PEO, you may qualify for significant Workers’ Compensation discounts, which usually range from 10%-30% less than your current rates set by the State. This translates to huge savings for your company, which will allow you to save your money for other things.

You will be able to rely on the PEO staff to fight Workers’ Compensation Claims on your behalf, keep your rates low (where they should be), and get the applicable discounts that you deserve.

Rest easy knowing that your interests are being closely protected by professionals, and never be forced to deal with another Workers’ Comp Audit again.

Allow the PEO to handle these Workers’ Comp issues on your behalf:

  • Loss Control
  • Risk Management
  • Year-end Audits
  • Early return to work programs
  • Processing “loss-of-wages” forms
  • Safety manuals
  • Workers’ Comp claims
  • All required notices and certificates of insurance
  • Claims management


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