Perhaps you’re already enjoying the benefits of a Payroll/ASO  plan, but you’d like to explore other ways to save time and money for your business. That’s where our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) comes in. Formerly known as Employee Leasing, PEO services include all of the benefits of a Payroll/ASO company, with the addition of several important benefits.

 The PEO assumes the daily risks you face by becoming the Employer of Record, while you as the business owner retain full control of your personnel. As far as the Government is concerned, your employees will be registered as employees of the PEO, but the PEO bears the responsibilty of all Payroll Tax Liability & shields you from Workers’ Comp Audits.

 Additionally, by joining forces with the PEO, you qualify for significant Workers’ Compensation discounts, which usually range from 10%-30% less than your current rates set by the State.

 For an owners that devote so much of their time to running a company, these benefits can be the difference between “surviving” and “thriving”!

Join forces with our select PEO partners and reap the benefits:

  • No more Workers’ Comp Audits
  • No Payroll Tax Liability
  • Certified, Licensed HR Support helps keep your assets secure
  • Allow the PEO to fight Unemployment Claims, keeping your SUTA rate low
  • Let the PEO fight illegitimate Workers’ Comp claims, ensuring that only legitimate claims will be paid
  • Receive discounts on your SUTA rate, making it lower than the State Rate in many cases
  • Workers’ Comp rates can be discounted anywhere from 10%-30% with favorable loss history
  • Enjoy almost total autonomy while running your business, which will allow you to spend more energy generating profit

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